Shujaat Khan

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Ustad Zakir Hussain and Ustad Shujaat Khan’s stellar performance mesmerised the audience in New Delhi.

Jugalbandi par excellence!

Shujaat Khan on on his music, his turbulent relationship with his father, and that which is greater than music.

Ustad Shujaat Khan, His Magic Touch

If you want to try to open your ears to "world" music, this might do it for you.

Katayoun Goudarzi & Shujaat Husain Khan: Spring, November 21, 2013

Meloncholy, reflective, beautifull, Khan is on of today,s most prolific ambassadors merging classical indian music with newly formed styles

Whole Life Magazine, USA, February, 2013

Musicians Bridge The Generation Gap

Hindustan Times, HT Cafe, August 25, 2012

Shujaat Khan at Rockville's Jewish Community Center

The Washington Post, May 20, 2012

Transcending Boundaries

The Hindu, March 17, 2012

Deep Nibhe Gechhe Mamo

Kolkata, August 07, 2009

Literary Fest - Audience soaks in immortal verses

Times of India (Kolkata), January 13, 2012

Unconventional to the Core

Hindustan Times, November 25, 2011

Carrying forward father Vilayat Khan’s legacy

The Tribune, November 24, 2011

Ustad Shujaat Khan transcends Indian classical music

The Pioneer, November 24, 2011

5 Indians on Amazon's greatest music albums Shujaat

The Hindustan Times, August 22, 2009

"He has stepped into the shoes of his father nicely and flowered into a brilliant performer, with Shujaat in prime form one did not miss the Sitar monarch Vilayat Khan, where else would one find such an elfin and sprightly tone that seems to set up gleaming sound bubbles, ambling on as if in a merry dance, such lightness and pliancy of touch generating a host of light-winged graces, a never ending source of aesthetic delight."

The Hindu, January 2008

"Shujaat Khan, with his charismatic warmth, sitar and melodious voice, swept them off their feet... he seemed to woo the raga with whispering soft heart-wrenching phrases, and, having achieved that, dominated the beauty with powerful taan-todas."

The Telegraph (Kolkata), January 13, 2006

"I am no Xerox!"

"Candid and affable, the two seemingly polarised traits come together most wonderfully, most admirably in sitarist Shujaat Husain Khan. Undisputedly, one of the leading sitarists today, yet, as he puts it: "People'd never let me forget I am the son of legendary sitarist Ustad Vilayat Khan."

HT City, March 19, 2005

He's proud of his lineage, but Shujaat Husain Khan's music has his special touch.

Simpli City, March 19, 2005

Music in his genes, humility in demeanour

"As the son and disciple of the legendary Ustad Vilayat Khan, Shujaat Hussain Khan could well have worn pride on his sleeves."

Tribune News Service, February 13, 2005

Classical recital a feast for ears

Shujaat Hussain Khan literally commanded the gathering at Quila Mubarak last evening.

Tribune News Service, February 14, 2005

"Dropped from a master, the note glows with a unique warmth and light. Tiny embellishments produced with a rapid, graduated pulling of the main playing string and setting up a concourse of exquisitely pulsating string tones were at once captivating. Absolute accuracy of such a bevy of notes following each other in a running succession and coaxed out instrument with one single jerk of the plectrum is amongst the most difficult in manipulating a stringed instrument."

The Hindu, October 3, 2001

"A miracle of nature is unravelled before one's eyes."

Chennai, 2001

"On his day Shujaat plays as well as, if not better, than any other sitarist."

New Delhi, 2001

"Shujaat has outshone the various sons and daughters of master musicians."

New Delhi, 2001

"One's primary feeling as Shujaat struck the first note was how conclusively does a single note or word tell the tale of the amount of thought and rumination and years of steadfast hard work behind the same."

Chennai, October 2001

"To a listener, his heart may not mean anything more than just sweet sensation, but a connoisseur or the one who has gone through musicians grind, cannot but be struck with wonder, if not appalled with a runaway sense of frustration somewhere in the subconscious, at the spontaneity and effortless ease with which an endless stream of pristine swaras and strains come gushing forth from his lyre."

New Delhi, October 2001

"...a languid, unconscious grace..."

New Delhi, January 2001

A Fine-Tuning of Indian Classical Sounds

"Khan's work in the gayki ang style is rich with vocal sounds produced by sensuously sliding melodies."

L.A.Times, March 13, 2000

"His aalaap has an intensity and a heartwrenching melody that flows spontaneously to touch the listener's heart."

India West, March 17, 2000

"An exhibition of intensity that's rarely seen in performance on the sitar... trance-including at one moment and jaw-dropping the next...the musicianship was simply astounding."

Phil Gallo My News, L.A. - March 13, 2000

"Dynamic and breathtaking solo."

Edmonton Journal, September 5, 1999

"Arguably the year's best world music album."

Village Voice

"His mastery over the instrument makes his raga seem like an anthem, controlled and tense, with the power of a coiled spring."

New Delhi 1986

"It is difficult to believe that human fingers could move at such speed."

Calcutta, 1986

"Superb-critic's pick"

New York Times

The music was as much a speeding locomotive as it was intricate tapestry.

The Washington Post, Nov,1998

The performance was so engrossing that time stood still.... the music seemed to fly and the audience went along for the ride.... a standing ovation.

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Nov, 1998

Seductive sliding melodies of his vocalized style, blended into an irresistible expression of creative musical passion.

Los Angeles Times, October 1998

World music at its best


The lyrical eloquence was like someone humming phrases, it was magical.

San Francisco Chronicle

Played with the refinement of established wealth. The music came to a whirlwind climax; a standing ovation was spontaneous

Los Angeles Times

His music is psychology and wisdom about how to put notes together.

Village Voice, New York

Brilliant mind and brilliant technique combined in young Shujaat, produced a brilliant performance.

Die Welt, West Germany

The passages like some fine lace and the complete Raga played by Shujaat was like a tapestry beautifully woven and fascinatingly synchronized.

France Soir, Paris

For two hours he unleashed on the Bombay public; his tremendous technical virtuosity with 10 years of training behind him at the age of 13.

Bombay, 1973

His plucking is more controlled and cleaner than any other Sitarist of his age.

New Delhi, 1986

A daring and dedicated performer, some of his admirers fondly say he plays the Sitar through strings that sing.

New Delhi, 1987

The Sitar is his instrument of speech, of feeling, of expression and creation. Shujaat's touch has the magnified clarity whose fingers can make the string coo like a dove.

New Delhi, 1986