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As we enter the winter in India,,,here are some interesting concert dates,,,,

12th, Bangalore,
18th New Delhi,

9th Goa,,
16th, Mumbai,
17th, Pune,,Savai Gandharva music festival,
18th New Delhi,

9th, Ahmedabad,,Saptak music festival.
13th, New Delhi,,Swami Haridas Music festival.

1st New Delhi.

15th till the 25th,,touring Australia,,

21,22 in Delhi,,Bhilwara music festival.
27th, Dubai,

12th Montreal,Canada,
13th, Ottawa, Canada.

1st till 10th,touring China.

Listeners Comments

”Raga Jhinjhoti felt like a deep full body & soul massage with frequent goose bump shivers. Ustaad ji’s unique delivery of the composition by both sitar and vocal touched all my emotional strings. I hope there will be many more to come.”

”What did I hear on Saturday, 3rd October? How did it feel? I simply don’t have words to describe. I will just give it a try in the few following lines. Shujaat ji made us experience the beauty of the way a flower, named Jhinjhoti, blooms. Each leaf of that flower had its own fragrance which spread to the souls of the listeners. Towards the end of the concert, he started singing, and this made us drown in our own musical tears. Maybe salvation feels like that. My deepest respect and thanks to Shujaat ji for his music and Nihar bhai, who gave soulful support on the tabla.”

”Listening to Ustad Shujaat Khan’s rendition of Raag Jhinjhoti was truly unforgettable. Slowly and skillfully, the master made every note unfold itself fully to the audience, causing an onrush of nothing but beautiful and deep emotions spiraling up. I was touched in the deepest of my soul, countless shivers sent to my spine. We were not simply listening to Jhinjhoti, we were in it and it lived in us. The talented Nihar Mehta also deserves great appreciation, the conversation between his tabla and ustad’s sitar was perfect, playful and a true delight to witness. I rightfully did not want to miss this concert and its memory will stay close to my heart.”

”The concert was truly amazing. Being in the presence of such a master in the west is an honor that all should seek to experience at least once. The musical journey was enrapturing, full of nuances, depth and space. It was a rare soul enriching experience and I am grateful that I could assist. I am looking forward to the next concert.”

LAST UPDATED ON: Feb. 19, 2015

News 2

Shujaat Khan has finished his commitments for the summer and begins the fall and winter music seasons with a concert on October 18th in Mumbai.

On October 31st and November 1st, Shujaat will play with his group, Vishnamo, in Delhi and Mumbai, respectively. He will be joined by several North and South Indian percussionists, South Indian violin players Ganesh and Kumaresh, saxophonist George Brooks, and legendary ghatam player, Vikku Vinayakram.

On November 8th, Khan travels to Jaipur for “Music in the Park.” Concert goers will have the opportunity to enjoy the ambiance of an open-air venue while listen to evening ragas. Shujaat plays again in concert in Surat on November 9th.

Khan finishes the year with performances in Aurangabad on December 20th, followed by two concerts in Kolkata on December 25th, December 27th and December 28th. On January 5th, he plays in Ahmedabad as a part of the annual thirteen day long Saptak Music Festival. Shujaat performs again in Pune on January 11th, Delhi on January 9th, and Gurgaon on February 8th, January 22nd in Kolkata for the Dover Lane Music festival.

Kayhan Kalhor will join Shujaat Khan and the Ghazal Ensemble for a series of concerts in North America in 2015. Khan and Kalhor will start their tour with a performance in Vancouver on March 13th, followed by a concert at Los Angeles’s Skirball Cultural Center on March 15th. The duo will travel to the east coast with performances in Boston on the 21st and at the Schimmel Center for the Arts at Pace University in New York on the 22nd. The two play again in Toronto on the 27th and 28th before ending their tour with a final concert in Houston on March 29th.

Saregama Records will be releasing Shujaat Khan’s new album. The album is a tribute to Jagjit Singh and the fond memories Khan has of his time with the late artist.

LAST UPDATED ON: Oct. 28, 2014